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LARAMERCHI:The Fashion Center

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A Laramerchi Commercial By Astrid Visuals

Astrid Visuals captured a day in the life of  LARAMERCHI: The Fashion Center. Take a sneak peek of our newly curated location in Boston. Our very first storefront is located at 537 Shawmut Ave Boston, MA 02118. We call it our mixtape. We knew we had to contact one of the best videographers in the city! Astrid Visual did not disappoint. He had a vision and was excused into reality. Make sure to pay a visit to his Instagram account @Astrid_Visuals

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We’re a fashion restoration center that directly serves the communities of Boston and neighboring towns. Our service offers professional skills and knowledge to manage your favorite fashion items. From sneakers to your old favorite sweater, our goal is to give it more life. We’re proud to serve our community in hopes of educating and practicing sustainability. Each item we service lowers the risk of making its way into landfills. Materials such as leather, rubber, and nylon may take 20+ years to biodegrade. We’re staffed with professional cobblers, seamstresses, cleaners, and artists to ensure quality experiences3. Visit our service page to book your consultation or to our shop for a view of our limited products.

The Fashion Center

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