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About Us

We are a fashion center that serves the communities of Boston and neighboring towns directly. We aim to provide a welcoming shopping experience along with our fashion repair services, which offer professional skills and knowledge to manage your favorite wardrobe items. We can repair anything from sneakers to your old favorite sweater, and our goal is to give them more life. We take pride in serving our community and hope to promote sustainability through our services. Each item we repair reduces the risk of it ending up in a landfill, as materials such as leather, rubber, and nylon can take over 20 years to biodegrade. Our team consists of professional cobblers, seamstresses, cleaners, and artists who ensure quality experiences. You can visit our service page to book a consultation or come to our shop to view our limited products. come to our shop to view our limited products.

Core Values

  • Transparency
    We’re committed to communicating our services and policy. It’s essential that our clients understand the agreed game plan and potential risks discussed during the consultation process.
  • Trust
    We value our client’s confidence and trust in our professional skills. We promise to provide a safe and secure experience.
  • Diversity
    We welcome individuals from all walks of life. We welcome fresh ideas and influence to help further develop our platform and its ability to inspire within the community.
  • Continued Learning
    We take pride in our approach to constantly learning to improve our skills and ability to serve our clients best.
By using Laramerchi: Fashion Center services, the client agree to our Terms of Service
Laramerchi cleaning away stains from laces, soles, inside sneaker.
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