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Terms of Service

  • All Services are by APPOINTMENT ONLY
  • All electronic payments must present a valid ID and match Laramerchi: The Fashion Center service profile information and form of payments
  • The Fashion Center services require a consultation by the assigned service provider.
  • The Fashion Center services must be paid in full before any service is applied.
  • The Fashion Center services are managed with our current equipment and service providers’ capabilities.
  • Not all items produce “brand new” results, however, we provide our best attempt to produce quality results.
  • The Fashion Center is NOT responsible for ANY lost, stolen, or damaged items while in our possession or transit. That includes accessories, boxes, or dust bags.
  • Be advised; that all designs and materials differ. Due to wear & tear, age, and the sensitivity of materials; Laramerchi: The Fashion Center is not responsible for damages.
  • Any previous services (outside of Laramerchi: The Fashion Center) applied to the item(s)  must be mentioned during the consultation. Additional services and fees may be applied for extra labor and products.
  • The Fashion Center is not responsible for any unclaimed item(s) left for more than 30 days after a pick-up date is determined (Unclaimed items will be Sold or Donated to the community).
  • All pick-up dates are estimated dates of completion and are not guaranteed. All preferred deadlines must be communicated during consultation. Please ask about our expressed options.
  • All expressed orders are subject to additional fees.
  • Personal deliveries or mail shipments managed by the Fashion Center by Laramerchi are subject to additional fees.
  • Out-of-state clients: Any claims reported against Laramerchi: The Fashion Center must be done so in Boston, Massachusetts.

By using Laramerchi: The Fashion Center services the customer agrees to the terms above & assumes all risks associated with using all services, including any risks to users’ items. 

The Fashion Center

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