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Our Cleaning & Restorative Services

Laramerchi is thrilled to offer you a comprehensive and free service plan tailored to your unique needs and preferences. Whether you're a fashionista or simply looking to spruce up your wardrobe, we've got you covered. So why wait? Let's get started today by clicking below!


ON THE GO? This quick service is perfect for those who need just a touch-up. Note: Not recommended for delicate or multi-material items.

A basic wash of the exterior. (Not recommended for luxury or sensitive materials).

A premium thorough clean of the exterior, a light clean of the interior, and applied protection layers to resist water & stains.

A premium detailed wash of the exterior & interior of an item (perfect for materials such as mesh, canvas, synthetic leather, and more. This is a harsh hand/machine wash process (NOT recommended for sensitive materials, hardware, or designs).

Experience an exclusive detailing service that expertly handles delicate materials and intricate designs. Our top-quality cleaning service is comparable to a restoration, prioritizing all major concerns using premium products for lasting results.

Our All-In-One restoration service specializes in restoring clothing, footwear, purses, bags, and accessories to their former glory using professional skills and tailored techniques. (Please note that all restoration inquiries require a consultation with a service provider, and additional fees may vary).

Do you only need a repair? We specialize in fixing small or major accidents and have years of experience. We're here to assist you. (All repair inquiries require a consultation with a Service Provider. Additional fees may vary).

A great option if you want to repaint or change the color of your items (All painting inquiries requires a consultation with a Service Provider. Additional fees may vary).

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Brought in my beat and scratched up McQueens for some restoration. Jay did an amazing job in reviving and bringing my shoes back to life. They look brand new. Excited to wear them again and appreciate the work!

K App
Boston, MA

Brought in my beat and scratched up McQueens for some restoration. Jay did an amazing job in reviving and bringing my shoes back to life. They look brand new. Excited to wear them again and appreciate the work!

Erica T.
Boston, MA

Awesome work! Brought in my mcm bag to get the strap shortened , and wow !! We can say we have a designer magician in town. Will definitely be going back to service my other designer items .

Maria F.
Malden, MA

Brought in a pair of sneakers here from my wife and we were debating to buy a new pair. They did such a good job with the old ones we couldn’t be happier with the work! Check out the photos!!! The last three are the after and couldn’t be happier with the results. Thanks again!

Boston, MA

Best in the business 👏🏾. Highly recommend 👌🏾

Randolph A. - Brighton High School Staff
Brighton, MA

Great work & great service!

Erik F.
Lynn, MA

Amazing Service, first off who can you go to that understands the culture and value of our swag! He treats your items as his own purchases and does an assessment with you to better understand how you use and wear your items then makes his recommendations based off his expertise! Which by the way, we’re exactly what I was looking for! I had a pre-loved Gucci Ophidia crossbody bag and the strap ripped 😩 Laramerchi was the right place to take it too. He understands the importance of keeping the integrity of the designer piece but also allowing some of my own personal style and needs added. 10/10

Michelle G.
Boston, MA

5 Stars ! From the time I walked in until I left good vibes , Good clothing selection and good service! My bag looks so clean ! Thank you

Shanece F.
Boston, MA

Great work!

Samual R.
Boston, MA

Shout out to Laramerchi, came through and fixed the zipper on my favorite backpack. 4 years old and still my daily use bag.

The Archive - Florida, USA

Jay helped me clean and repair three of my Kobe’s. Honestly, I had lost hope for these shoes, but when I came upon his store I decided to give it a try. And WOW. The results were awesome! Jay was extremely nice and responsive whenever I reached out. He went above and beyond for me to ensure everything came out right. You can tell he truly cares about ensuring every customer leaves happy. I recommend anyone in need of sneaker cleaning and repair work to come to Jay! I’ll definitely be coming here from now on whenever I need something done again!

Allen V.
Boston, MA

Prompt, premium service, completely restored my shoes

David H.
One One Nine Studio - Boston, MA

I wouldn’t Trust no one else with any of my sneakers or Designer Fashion pieces Laramerchi #1

Phet M.
Boston, MA

5 stars definitely deserved. Jay.. Professional, personable, passionate and extremely talented. Always a pleasure to call, visit and inquire for his creativity and candid affection towards culture and community.

Joseph R.
Boston, MA

Amazing attention to detail ! Jay at Laramerchi was very considerate and showed great dedication to his craft. Overall great people and company !

Alex L.
Boston, MA

Great work, made my off white Jordan 4’s look brand new again after they got rocked. Bringing another two pairs to revive this week!!!

Jimmy - WTHRS.Co
Lawrence, MA

Great service. 10/10 would recommend to anybody that loves shoes.

Ramy C.
Boston, MA

Best customer service ever! So thankful for Lara literally brought my shoes back to life! Very patient and attentive to details!!

Luana L.
Boston, MA

I brought in a pair of Melvins I sat on for years after I vomited on them one high school night. They were covered in dust , vomited, fading and overall bad shape. I dropped them with Jay of Laramerchi and he worked miracles. The shoes are the cleanest I’ve ever seen them maybe even better than the day I bought them fr fr(for real for real). I can’t wait to wear them out proudly again and I would have never thought it possible. Thank you Laramerchi Fam 🙏🏼💯🤘🏼 if you think someone is past the point of saving then bring it to them. 👌

Anthony P.
North Shore, MA

I was looking for a sneaker cleaning service and I happened to find this one on google. Jay is basically a magician because he brought my Yeezy 500s back to life. If I didn’t own these and somebody told me that they were fresh out the box, I’d probably believe them. That’s how good of a job he did. He goes out of his way to provide a one of a kind customer service experience for his clients. If you need your kicks cleaned, check my guy Jay out, he got you.

Chiso I.
Somerville, MA

I had a great experience I brought all the shoes I wanted cleaned he went over The best cleaning package to do and my shoes came out amazing I'll bring back plenty more

Julia B.
Lynnfield, MA

I had a great experience with Laramerchi.The customer service was next level and the cleaning was very prompt and professional. I would highly recommend

Zigg H.
Boston, MA

Huge shoutout to the Laramerchi team. Just picked up my Balenciagas and Yeezys. Typically, you would either buy them again or throw them away and buy them again. Needless to say, for a 1/16th of the cost they were able to save them, bring them back to life and save me at least $1,500 from buying new. Thank you!

Joe G.- Gruntastic Logistics
Boston, MA

Best Service Platform to clean my sneakers. I highly recommend Laramerchi!

Darrel J. - Musical Artist
South Shore, MA

Phenomenal service from a phenomenal guy! Completely restored my Bugs Bunny 8s and brought them back to life! You can definitely trust your items will be in good hands here 🙌🏾

Sharmarke Y.
Boston, MA

Popped in to get my 3M reflective sneakers cleaned. I was cautious to clean them myself due to the materials so I figured I’d try Laramerchi out! And I’m happy I went with the professional on this. He took care of my shoes and brought them back to life!

Tyrone H.
Malden, MA

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